FML (Comedy): Post-Grad Nikki comes back home to a shit job market, her friends growing up, and her mom all loved up. At least she has her old high school job as brand ambassador at Uproot Marketing… yay

Me & Myself (Drama): After a post-college breakdown, Ravyn moves back to her room and never leaves. 1 year later and her subconscious aide, Samirah, comes out to give her the kick she needs.

It Takes a Village (Drama): Brenda’s life has been one big, beautiful routine until her extended African family decides to drop by… unannounced. What begins as a visit turns into a permanent move-in… across from Bren and her mom’s apartment. Structure: forever broken

Two Face (Drama): As part of an interview, Mo, a college student, recounts the events which led her to be innocently arrested and tortured.

(Part of 2017 Boston Theatre Marathon)

Truth (Drama): Two best friends must re-examine what they are in their relationship.

Ready or Not (Comedy): As Nancy and Drew anticipate the arrival of their baby, a sudden emergency will challenge whether they are truly ready or not.